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MacroGenerator Speed up your workflow!

Without MacroGenerator

5 Hours

With MacroGenerator

1 Hour


MacroGenerator is a tool for all applications, which adds to your favorite software the management of macro and automatic actions, and speeds a lot your workflow.
MacroGenerator summed up in a single key, a set of actions that the user should perform with the keyboard or the mouse repeatedly.

Customize Keyboard

With this tool you can create macros or actions and associate it with a keyboard key or add a small keypad to assign your macros.


Through an app that can be downloaded for free on the iOS or Android store, you can control any software using your device and apply your macros.

Vocal Command

With this tool you can apply your macros or actions through the voice commands of your PC.


With this Tool you will be able to give vent to your creativity, creating any type of macro or action so as to be able to streamline your workflow.


This tool is designed to be integrated with any other application and its innovative design guarantees a non-invasive positioning in your desktop.